Fictional reality

It’s fascinating that nowadays you can build your very own world by selecting and filtering the information which surrounds you. If you focus on tech news, you can liveĀ in a harsh but rapidly evolving Cyberpunk world. If you tend to mostly pay attention to spiritual themes, you can live in a soft, meditative world. You can live in a world of despair, or one of comedy. A world of economics, or one of entertainment. And even within the realm of a certain theme, say politics, you can build your own subrealm: Thriving resistance or rising fascism, global conflict or domestic peace, prejudice or enlightenment, hope or despair.

And in a certain sense everything is true and a lie at the same time. All part of the same thing, too massive for any of us to fully comprehend, a much bigger, much more complex reality, of which we can only glimpse certain aspects.

We’re all living in a multiverse of fictional realities.

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